Welcome to Aircomp Enterprise Gujarat.

We are manufacturers of “Toyo” brand reciprocating and screw compressors since 1979. With a Pan India presence, we provide customers with premium air compressors at very competitive prices. Our compressors are built with elaborate quality parameters at every level of the manufacturing process. Moving the legacy forward, the management creates an environment of innovation and collaboration which puts us on the path of delivering air compressors with unmatched quality performance.
At Aircomp, we manufacture compressors with maximum free air delivery per kW of power while focusing also on energy-saving parameters which will reduce the cost of ownership of the compressor, benefiting the consumers. Owning a “Toyo” air compressor, you will have an assurance of high productivity with ample savings in your energy cost.

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A Toyo Advantage


Strong And Robust Build Quality.

Solid constructed compressors to with stand harsh conditions.


Precisely Machined Parts And Components.

High-precision engineering helps in achieving an excellent compression ratio.


Use Of Highly Graded Material.

The use of higher quality raw products ensures cooler temperatures of compressors at high pressures.


Competitively Priced Products.

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten".


Easy To Maintain A Toyo Compressor.

Very few maintenance check points to maintain and spares are easily available.


Consistent And Stable Free Air Delivery.

Best compressed air generation even at high load conditions.

Our Products Range

Industries we serve

  • Manufacturing Industries

  • Chemical Industries

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Textile & Cotton Industries

  • Press & Printing Industries

  • Food & Beverages (Pet Bottling)

  • Powder Coating & Surface

  • Laser Cutting (Metal Fabrication)